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Threshold: fitness beyond the physical

We have a truly unique approach which combines Slow Weight Training and Meditation that received national attention in 2004 in Body and Soul Magazine, The New Yorker, and DailyCandy.com, the 2006 Issue of Vogue Magazine, and more…

We say “beyond the physical” because we understand the correlation between having a practice for a strong body and having a strong and clear mind.  Our unique perspective about fitness is informed by our lives as artists and practicing Buddhists and is reflected in everything from our training method to the design of our gym. In a quiet space filled with art we work with people to help them realize changes both inner and outer.

Threshold Fitness is a boutique private training gym

We offer private training in our small luxury gym in Chelsea. We teach a Super Slow training approach with an emphasis on mindfulness customizing each 45 minute session to include weights, yoga and stretching with massage tune-ups and postural alignment. We have a loyal following; many have been training with us since we started almost 20 years ago. 

We have been featured in Vogue Bad Back? The Fitness Fix For Chronic Pain and Body & Soul now Martha Stewart’s Whole Living: body & soul in balance. Daily Candy gave us our first glowing review for best personal training in NYC: In the world of exclusive exercise, Threshold Fitness has raised the bar.

A Practice In Mindfulness

Awareness in exercise changes fitness training into a practice in mindfulness. Our style has been called “The Zen Work Out.”  It’s a little bit like Tai Chi meets weight training.  While exercising on specialized med-x machines we slow down the movement and bring people’s attention to their breath and to the body’s experience.  As we tell people “It’s not meditation, but it is meditative.” 

It is the opposite of boot-camp training style that pumps you up with loud music, lots of shouting and endless repetitions. Instead it is a series of exercises lasting about two minutes each with slow and sustained movement that calls you to be present in the moment in a deeper way.  It is hard work that makes the body extremely strong, flexible and resilient while increasing one’s metabolic rate. 

A full session lasts 45 minutes and is tailored to each person’s individual fitness goals and can include nutritional counseling or massage and stretching as well as time for sitting meditation.

The Zen Workout

Eileen Kelly and Lowell Boyers are co-writing The Zen Workout and it’s currently in development with Helen Benham of Scholastic Publishing.

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