In a nutshell, it is moving the weights 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down continuously until you can’t push or pull any longer. Read more about Slow Training.
Each session is 45 minutes that includes a full-body workout, and we include massage, stretching, nutritional advice, or meditation depending on the needs of the client on that day.
Absolutely! Cardio, yoga, and Pilates all take a backseat to strength training when it comes to fat loss. The research is clear about this, despite the old paradigm that still exists. As you get stronger it boosts your metabolism, making it hotter. In concert with dietary moderation, you can lose weight dramatically.
45 minutes of very slow weight training weekly once to three times a week is all the exercise you need to burn calories, build bone density, and stay fit.
YES! Years ago we worked with a woman named Jancee Dunn, who was writing an article for Vogue magazine about us, and when she came in she couldn’t touch her fingers to her toes. After a few short months she was not only able to reach her toes, but was dramatically stronger, resilient, AND flexible.
Instead of relying on momentum that abdicates responsibility from the muscle, wasting time and energy, slow weight training does it all much more efficiently. The benefits of Slow Exercise are many. Each time we exercise we do full body exercise, emphasizing large compound muscle exercises. A slower tempo efficiently recruits more muscle fiber, and pushing to momentary fatigue stimulates much more growth stimulating the exerciser’s metabolic rate faster so they get leaner and stronger more quickly. Our clients push quietly but intensely for one set in the time it would take an ordinary exerciser to do 3 sets of one exercise with rests at the water cooler in-between!
You are never too old to start. We currently work with people in their mid 80’s!!! The benefits begin immediately and continue to progressively create benefit, fighting osteoporosis, diabetes, heart problems, neurological ailments, and countering menopausal symptoms! Our exercise program builds strength, balance, and agility.

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