In 1997 Lowell opened Lowell Shop, a small private training gym in Chelsea. In 1999 Lowell was named Best Personal Trainer by New York Press. 
In 2002 he opened Threshold: Fitness Beyond the Physical. He is deeply committed to the practice of training both the body and also the mind as a vehicle for continuously progressive strength gains and for metaphorically moving mountains.

Lowell deeply values the combination of nurturing his clients as a personal trainer while maintaining a deep faith in the benefits of BuddhaDharma and Fine Art. As a painter Lowell Boyers is represented in NYC and Houston, and is regularly exhibited all over the world.

Lowell Boyers is represented by Mayson Gallery and Half Gallery in NYC and Deborah Colton gallery in Houston Texas and is exhibiting widely around the world. He is preparing for a museum exhibition curated by executive director Amy Hofland at the Crow Collection of Asian art in late 2017-18 related to Art and Compassion. You can see more of his work at Lowellboyers.com.

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