Vogue Bad BackThe Fitness Fix for Chronic Pain

"One month into the program, I noticed real progress. My back muscles, once as firmly toned as veal, were taking real shape."
—Vogue Magazine

"'Your back gets strong very quickly,' said Boyers one morning. 'And we store less fat there, so the muscles might look more defined early on.'"
—Vogue Magazine

Crossing the Threshold—Daily Candy

In the world of exclusive exercise, Threshold has raised the bar."
—Mame McCutchin, Daily Candy

Zen Fitness—Breathe

Super Slow is a growing school of strength training that values mindfulness over strength and repetition – minimizing injuries and accelerating muscle-building. Every Rep lasts 20 seconds – that's nearly five times longer than usual lifting. "You're committing to quiet continuous movement." Threshold says. " That's where the zen comes in."


Threshold is not your stereotypical gym—Vogue

"Plagued by persistent pain and unable to bend over without wincing, Jancee Dunn turns to exercise for relief and, along the way, unveils a strong and sexy back."
Photographed by Irving Penn

Lift Your Spirit—Body & Soul

“How do you feel?”
We’re sitting cross-legged in the center of her New York City exercise studio, Threshold. My head feels clear, my thinking fluid and transparent. My body feels warm and centered, my muscles relaxed. I am solid. I am balanced. I want to feel like this forever.

Travel Girl Takes Manhattan—Travel Girl

"What's a Travel Girl to do in New York City? … Work out at Threshold of course."
—Lynn Parramore

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