Welcome to Threshold West. We are a boutique private gym facility located in West Chelsea, offering one-on-one instruction in a unique setting—a completely private, meditative, art-filled environment. The surroundings reflect the philosophy—close personal attention with an emphasis on the role of mental focus in the health of body and mind.

Services include Super Slow Weight Training, Fascial Manipulation Therapy Massage, and Meditation. The unique ambience is a welcome alternative to other gyms: expert training, advanced scientific methods, quality equipment but in a private room with no tv, no treadmills, no music and no mirrors.

Super Slow Weight Training$ - Pricing to suit your needs

Threshold specializes in Slow Training. The fundamental key to this training is moving very slowly throughout a full range of motion until one experiences momentary fatigue. We call this momentary fatigue "the Threshold", which is a combination of physiological and psychological expectations being pushed to some limit …

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Fascial Manipulation Therapy$ - Pricing to suit your needs

Fascial Manipulation® is effective in treating the most common conditions therapists are working on in a daily basis and is backed by substantial scientific research. Healing Back Pain, Knee pain, Neck pain, almost any musculoskeletal stiffness, pain, or arthritic like symptoms.

 This integration of services helps the body maximize the session’s benefits -- and — it also feels really great.

Just SitFree Opportunity

On Wednesday evenings Threshold offers, simultaneously, an introduction to the expression of meditation and a practitioner's support for the expression of resting in the Natural State.

Lowell Boyers will be gently guiding, holding the space, occasionally reading deeply rewarding quotes from Great Masters.  The opportunity is free and space held for our practice. All Are Welcome Regardless of Experience. 

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