Super Slow Weight Training

Threshold specializes in Slow Training. The fundamental key to this training is moving very slowly throughout a full range of motion until one experiences momentary fatigue. We call this momentary fatigue “the Threshold”, which is a combination of physiological and psychological expectations being pushed to some limit. We help our clients move beyond those thresholds into unknown and exciting territory each time we work together.
In a focused 45 minute session using state of the art rehabilitative weight training equipment designed by Med-X, Super-Slow Systems and Nautilus each client is taken through a full body work-out designed to address their specific goals and health concerns. It is a highly effective approach for achieving results with weight reduction and body toning while sharpening mental focus. Slow training provides a safe, time efficient and highly rigorous work out.

Super Slow is a growing school of strength training that values mindfulness over strength and repetition – minimizing injuries and accelerating muscle-building.Threshold

We believe that awareness in exercise changes weight-lifting into a practice in mindfulness. Our unique approach has helped our clients to achieve a level of physical and emotional health previously unknown to them, enabling them to overcome personal barriers in all aspects of their lives. Sessions are custom designed and adjusted to body type and client need. Emphasizing a therapeutic approach to weight lifting, our workout creatively combines strength training with a focus on the emotional, mental and physical wellness of their clients. Every session includes massage, stretching, postural assessment, and meditation that help the body maximize the session’s benefits — and — it also feels really great.

All this in 45 minutes, for a time-starved society, this IS a fitness solution like no other.

Our Zen Workout has highly effective results for weight reduction, body toning, and your Meditation practice.

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